Systema FAQ: Why do I see flexibility and mobility exercises in Systema around 50% of the time?

Shouldn’t we be concentrating more on how to fight than how to fall down?

My Answer: Modern military combatives would agree to this statement that I’m about to write; There is more benefit to training in functional fitness than general workouts.

What I mean is; let’s say you are a civilian, a family man with kids, living in the city with an office job and who drives to work and back. Would it matter if you can break 10 bricks in a single chop, or if you can kick a heavy bag into outer space, or if you can choke a man out cold in 5 seconds, if you saw your child 10 meters away who is about to get run over by a car, or you suddenly trip and fall down the stairs on your way to work, or if a fire broke out and you need to carry injured people down the stairs and out of the building? Martial arts who teach only fighting never address these scenarios, but Systema does.

If you work in security, wouldn’t it be equally important to legally and humanely escort an unruly patron off your site rather than choking him out?

If you are in military, wouldn’t you also want to see Systema methods of getting out of a moving vehicle if you discover that it is just a matter of seconds before it explodes?

Don’t get me wrong, Systema addresses the realism and the violence of an actual confrontation, but what makes it stand out is that it also addresses the “other” enemies that we encounter besides a hooded man in a dark alley, because you are equally likely to encounter “the others” besides the hooded man we all have been preparing for.

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